About Us

Bringing art and the arts alive in Victoria Park

Art in the Park Petrolia Committee Committee Members: (Back Row) Linda Nap, Patci Stephen, Denise Thibeault, Chrissy Jackson. (Front Row) Bonnie Harris, Carol Graham, Barbara Prescott. Missing from photo are Sheila Tiernay and Charlene Mumberson

Dictionary.com suggests an artist is one who produces works in any of the fine arts, like a painter, a photographer or a sculptor, exhibiting a particular, refined skill.

It is our mandate, with Art in the Park, Petrolia, that we feature pieces that have been handmade, are one of a kind originals, utilizing the artist's imagination, talent and expertise.

We also provide an opportunity for local performers to serenade the crowds with a delightful variety of music and instruments in the open air band stand.

Our small, dynamic committee works hard putting together this exciting attraction held annually in Victoria Park. We are proudly building a reputation; for looking after our vendors and community partners, for offering our visitors high quality and diversity, and having lots of fun. We know that you will enjoy this feast for the eyes and ears.

Please let us know if you would like to be a part of this committee. We are willing to accept a few more hands; either on the day of the event, or on the committee.

Committee Members are:

Chair: Carol Graham
Secretary: Bonnie Harris
Registrar: Barbara Prescott
Publicity & PVBG Liaison: Denise Thibeault
Information Booth: Patci Stephen
Artist's Spotlight: Sheila Tiernay
Music: Linda Nap
Children's Area operated by Lambton Central Petrolia Optimists