Art in the Park - Artists Application and General Information

Thank you so very much for your interest in Art in the Park Petrolia. We are proudly building a reputation for looking after our vendors and community partners, for offering our visitors high quality and diversity, and having lots of fun. This year we are expanding and accepting more booth applications, and we still think our available spaces will fill very quickly.

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Website URL - EG: Facebook URL - EG: www.facebook. com/Your.Name Etsy URL - EG: Where to Get Images of my Work For Jurying:
Please indicate below the one place where you want us to obtain photos of your latest work. PLEASE ensure you have the URL listed above if we are getting from an internet source.
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NOTE: All items to be sold must be original pieces created by the person listed above. All pieces are juried. All decisions are final. Once approved, only items listed and approved may be sold at the show.
Note: Only Digital Photos Accepted!
Email all jpeg's of your work to:

Category: Jewelry, Fabric Crafts, Wood Working etc. Price range of work sold: Hydro Required:

Shade required (for health reasons only):

The artist is required to be present in the booth and your booth is to be open and functional for all the hours of the event.

Fee is $60 for one day, $90 for both days.

I Will Attend:
Friday, July 07th, 2023 Show times: 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Saturday, July 08th, 2023 Show times: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Payment by Cheque or cash only.
*NEW* Payment not due until after Jury Selection is completed.
Make cheques payable to: Town of Petrolia/Art in the Park Petrolia and Mail payment to:

Barbara Prescott, c/o Art in the Park,
4303 Garden Crescent,
Petrolia Ontario N0N 1R0
Phone: 519-381-3558

PLEASE NOTE: If you are not redirected, within a few seconds, to another screen when you click the button above, there is something wrong with the info you entered. Please scroll up or down to see any error messages.
Applications will not be considered until we have received all of the following: application, payment, and images of your work.